Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What I Learned in February

Each month Amber Strocel at writes about what she has learned that month and invites others to join in.

Even though it is the shortest month of the year February always feels so long to me. The holidays are over. The first surge of enthusiasm for a new start in a new year has faded somewhat. I always begin to get cabin fever in February.

I learned that a week of nice weather in the middle of the month can go  a long way toward relieving the cabin fever.

And when that lovely warm spell comes a pizza picnic in the back yard is a perfect way to celebrate.

I learned that one walnut tree can produce an unbelievable number of walnuts. I also learned that walnuts have quite a few health benefits.

I learned that even though my daughter now has 35 Webkinz she still needs more. Also that is possible to remember the names of everyone of those Webkinz, in what order she bought them and whether she bought them alone or with another one. But memorizing division facts is agonizingly difficult.

I learned that if I make a new recipe, love it, eat too much of it, and then get hit with a stomach virus that night, I will not want to even think about that particular food anymore.

I also learned that cell phones don't like coffee as much as I do, and if I accidentally drop the poor phone into my cup of coffee, it will rebel and quit working.

And I'm really beginning to learn, with new clarity, how much I love this life of mine. January taught me so much and February has been a continuation of that learning. Things don't always go smoothly, sometimes it's hard work to maintain balance, but it's a wonderful life all the same.

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  1. That thing about the stomach virus? It also works for morning sickness. There are foods I can never look at again, thanks to my pregnancies.

    Fun stuff! Only, you know, NOT.

    And I'm sorry about your cell phone.