Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ten Good Links for Those Who Work With Young Children

I was looking through some of my favorites in my childcare/preschool folder and realized I really should share some of these so others can read them as well. Maybe you already have read some of these but often a good article or idea is worth reading twice.

1. Miniature Gardens with Little Ones - This article has some really cute ideas on planting miniature gardens with kids. Fun creative details are sure to appeal to little ones imaginations.

2. A Playhouse Under the Table - I love this cute little playhouse table cover and it looks like it should be fairly simple to make.

3. Free Printable Paper Dolls for Boys - There are some great designs here that would be a lot of fun for little boys to play with. There are also plenty here that little girls will enjoy as well, but the focus of this post was paper dolls for boys since these can be hard to find.

4. Preschoolers in Childcare Centers Not Active Enough - Article from Science Daily

5. All Work and No Play Makes For Troubling Trend in Early Education - This is another article from Science Daily

6. Birdies in a Nest - This is a very cute project made with Easter Eggs.

7. Science Center Activities - This is an awesome list of simple and fun science center activities.

8. Free Online Games for Preschoolers - If your preschooler spends time online this is a very good list of quality sites for preschoolers.

9. ABC Jesus Loves Me - A free preschool Bible curriculum

10. Including Sign Language in Early Childhood Curriculum - This is a post on Spectrum Hope that I found very interesting and it encouraged me to keep a sign language component in our daily preschool schedule.

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  1. This list is awesome! Some great ideas to try with lil man. Thanks! :)

  2. ICStarzz - You're welome :-), There are so many creative people out there with awesome ideas.

    Betsy - I thought so too. One of these days I hope to make one.

  3. These are fantastic links - thanks for sharing!

  4. Yakini Thank you so much for coming by and reading. :-)

  5. As a Director of Children's Ministry - I LOVE this list! I am always looking for new resources and ideas ... thank you!

  6. Crystal - I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :-)

  7. I found you from Top Ten Tuesday! Thanks for all those great links. Very helpful and all so fun.