Monday, March 21, 2011

The Counting Continues

We had a such a refreshing weekend. As business is slowly decreasing (by my choice) we are finding more time to do the things we enjoy doing with friends and as a family.

On Saturday Doug was working on his cousin Karen's car. So she spent the day here with her little boy. After lunch we decided to ride up to the top of the mountain to one of the overlooks just to get out for a little while. It was windy and a lot cooler up there then it was at home but the views were great. I was so glad we went.

Sunday morning we actually made it to church for Sunday School as well as the main service. After church we went to the Wood Grill for lunch and then took the long, meandering, scenic route home.

I am feeling truly blessed.

Blessings #34 - 42

- warm Spring days
- a morning at the park playing, picnicing and watching the ducks and fish
- scenic views from the top of a mountain
- thought provoking conversation in Sunday School
- worshipping with fellow believers
- delicious food at a good restaurant
- Sunday afternoon drives
- friends and family to enjoy spending time with
- naps

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