Sunday, March 13, 2011

Scenes From a Sunday Afternoon

After the little ones had their afternoon naps we spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening playing outside.

Amanda wanted to ride the riding lawn mower so Doug had her try to start it. She is still having trouble starting it so he finally ended up starting it for her.

Michael wanted to watch but doesn't like the noise.

Amanda spent close to an hour riding around the yard, not mowing, just riding.

A lot of the little kids have been taking turns digging this hole with little spoons and other digging tools. I'm not sure where they're going or what they're expecting to find but they are certainly having fun.

And I had to get this picture of Doug taking a relaxing in the sun.

The baby got tired of sitting in his bouncer and on my lap, and I got tired of carrying him around the yard, so I let him get down and crawl around in the grass. He loved it. Chasing this ball kept him busy for awhile.

And chasing the cat kept him busy even longer.

The kids wore themselves out riding down the hill on the riding toys.

Amanda spoiled the cat - as usual.

Here are few pictures I took while playing around with the camera.

We enjoyed the extra hour of sunlight at the end of the day. I always love Daylight Saving Time.

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