Sunday, February 28, 2016

Songs on Sunday - Good Good Father

In an imperfect world the concept of father is often skewed and leaves us with such a woefully inadequate perception of our Heavenly Father. But its important to remember that there is no possible way any earthly father can give us what our Heavenly Father so freely lavishes on us. 

Many times in the last few months, especially late at night when the house is dark and quiet, my mind begins to drift to all the things that could happen, and I begin to worry about everything I'm uncertain about. In those moments He reminds me that He's a good, good Father and all I have to do is rest in the knowledge that He has things already taken care of. Like a parent who protects and watches out for a young child, He is doing the same for me. And He does this in greater ways than any earthly parent can even begin to. So I visualize myself simply resting in His arms and letting Him take care of things. I sleep with the calm certainty that He's got this. And I wake, ready to walk with Him through the day. Because I am loved by a good, good Father.