Sunday, March 6, 2011

Free Sunday

Today we had no daycare kids until 8:00PM so after church we went out to Texas Steakhouse for lunch. The food was delicious and it was a nice change of pace. I took some pictures but the light wasn't very good for taking pictures with a phone camera. So they're a little dark.

We were waiting for our food here and I caught them in a good moment.

Michael checked out the wine list while he waited.

And when the food came they all thought it was worth the wait.

When we finished eating we weren't really in the mood to go home yet so we decided to go walk around in the mall. It was pouring rain so the park or any other outdoor activity was out of the question.

Michael was fascinated with the kiddie rides and would play in them but when we put money in them he refused to ride, although he liked to watch them move and look at the lights flashing.

There's a little play area in the middle of the mall for the younger kids and Michael had so much fun there, playing and making friends.

Austin bought a remote control gorilla at Radio Shack. Doug had to help him get it out of the box  because it was fastened so well with all those little twisty wires.

This silly gorilla rolls, stomps, dances, and makes lots of silly noises. The kids loved it although Michael would almost panic if it came to close to him to fast.

Doug was on duty at the rescue squad this evening and Michael and Austin went down to grandma's house. So Amanda and I had a nice quiet evening here at home together.

It was a great Sunday and I feel refreshed and ready for another week.

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