Friday, March 11, 2011

I Feel Most Loved When. . . .

Each week The Gypsy Mama gives a writing prompt and the challenge to write for five minutes based on that prompt. This week's prompt is "I feel most loved when."

I feel most loved when . . .

. . . somehow this is a hard question for me to answer.

I guess one of the things that makes me feel loved is when others allow me to pursue the things that interest me - like time to read, time to write, and time to just think.

It makes me feel loved when my family shows that they are interested in what I do. When they take time to read my blog, to give me feedback, and to listen me when I have ideas that I want to share.

I feel loved when others allow me to be me.


  1. SOOO right on the money with this. Thanks for your thoughts - I, too, found this a hard one to do.

  2. I liked what you said about having time to read and write. So true!Visiting via 5 Min Fridays! Have a great weekend!