Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What It Means (To Me) To Be A Homemaker

To me, being a homemaker means many things.

It means keeping my home clean and presentable.

It means preparing nutritious and tasty meals for my family.

It means lighting lovely scented candles and enjoying the fragrance.

But there are days that just do not like look like this.

Because my four year old requires constant attention just to get him safely through the day.

Because my twelve year old needs to talk and to have me listen.

Because my fourteen year old needs help to work through the challenges life throws at him daily.

Because my husband needs a wife who has time for him, who listens, and answers, and takes an interest in what he is interested in.

And some days I'm frustrated.

And then there's a little whisper in my ear.

And HE says -

"This is what makes a house a home.

A mother who is present for her children,

to listen,

to watch,

 to guide,

to care.

A wife who cares about her husband's day,

And stops to sit awhile in quiet companionship."

And I realize

It doesn't matter how clean my house is,

how tasty and nutritious the meals,

how fragrant the air,

if love and companionship and laughter at the little things are not there

It is a house, not a  home.

So while all these things may be important to make a home

The greatest of these is love.


  1. Well said!:) Thanks for the encouragement

  2. Yes! Being a homemaker involves so much more than housekeeping.

  3. Melissa Thank you for coming by and commenting. :-)