Friday, February 18, 2011

Health Benefits of Eating Walnuts

Yesterday we were taking walnuts from the yard and putting them in a big pile, getting the yard ready for mowing when the grass starts growing again. This morning we did more of the same. We're getting close to finished with this little chore.

Cayson and Lauren were my helpers today. I haven't asked anyone to help me but some of the kids really seem to enjoy this job and pitch right in. We have fun talking while we work and they are so proud of themselves when we fill a bucket or truck and can take it to empty on the evergrwoing pile.

Cayson of course just loves to haul them in this dump truck.

Lauren insisted in carrying them in this bucket and refused to let me help her. After a couple trips across the yard I started making the bucket only half full before we emptied it. But no matter how full it was she was adament that she was going to carry it herself.

"Move out of my way, Rose" she would say when she thought I was walking too slowly in front of her. She had a job to do and nothing was going to get in her way.

Looking at all these walnuts had me wondering what the nutritional value of them is. You know, in case I really do harvest them this fall and put them in the freezer for baking. So I did some research and found out a few interesting tidbits. Here are few of those bits of information.

1. There is a lot of nutritional value in the "skin" of the walnut. The skin is a whitish, flaky, waxy part of a shelled walnut. This skin can have a slightly bitter flavor and is often removed but doing so takes away some of the nutrients as well.

2. There is a special type of Vitamin E found in walnuts that is particularly beneficial to men's cardiovascular health.

3. Eating walnuts can help decrease the risk of developing breast cancer and prostate cancer.

These are just a few of the benefits of eating walnuts, but there's enough here to convince that it may very well be worth our time to crack these nuts. 

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