Monday, March 14, 2011

Finding Solid Ground

As the world shakes and seems to wobble on it's axis I am filled with even more gratitude for all the blessings in life both large and small. In fact, it is the small blessings that hold my attention and cause me to smile and fill my heart so full I feel as if I could burst.

Blessings #21  - 33

21. warm chocolate chip cookies baked by my daughter

22. two little boys digging in the dirt for buried "tweasure"

23. watching Doug patiently teach Amanda how to run the riding lawn mower,

24. a group of small children peacefully playing "house" on a rainy day

25. cozy, companionable busyness in the kitchen as I cook with my daughter

26. savory beef stew and biscuits on a cool rainy evening

27. a sweet, cuddly, babbling baby

28. watching a wind and rain storm from inside a dry and warm house

29. spur of the moment family outing to Dairy Queen just because we can

30. a warm, springlike Sunday afternoon

31. little white flowers blooming in the grass

32. buds promising the spring bursting forth of life is coming soon

33. knowing that no matter what comes my way there is One we can always turn to and find rest in and solid ground to stand on.


  1. love your list! i just finished eating some warm chocolate chip cookies myself with my KISA. (i had to make them, tho...the dtr isn't quite old enough to bake yet). blessings on your day :)

  2. ginny - Aren't warm chocolate chip cookies just the best!