Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tap Dancing on My Toes

As our pastor began preaching and I realized that his topic today was on forgiveness I settled back comfortably, ready to listen but feeling like I was in pretty good shape in this area.

He talked about how forgiveness is a choice. I know that. He said it's an ongoing process. I know that. And then he said that building walls around yourself to keep others out is one sign of unforgiveness. And suddenly he was tap dancing all over my toes.

I'm very good at building walls and slamming doors shut and locking them tight. I put up the "I forgive you, it's all forgotten and now you can't reach me" wall very well. I can smile, be friendly and sweet natured and have my heart behind locked doors.

But Jesus entire ministry was based on forgiveness and tearing down walls. His ultimate goal was to build relationships and extend love to the very people whose sin was causing Him to be nailed to the cross. It was about opening doors, about freedom.

Is there risk involved with opening doors and tearing down walls? Of course there is. But there is an even bigger danger in hiding behind the supposed safety of fear inspired barricades. Because not only am I keeping something away, I am closing myself away from so many blessing that were meant for me.

If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. John 8:36

I'm not sure how to go about beginning to break down some walls but I know the time has come to begin. It scares me a little to even write these words but this dancing on my toes is getting a little uncomfortable.

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  1. Ha, I thought I was doing good until you mentioned that last part too! Wow.

  2. I so often have that attitude! It's usually right before God goes "um actually you do have more to learn. "tap dancing on my toes" love it! Breaking down walls is so scary sometimes but your words are so true, it was Jesus's entire ministry! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Following you back from Render Me Mama! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Thanks for sharing. With Joy, Carey

  5. Rose,
    This is good, and something I've never thought about. I'm so good at patting myself on the back for "forgiving", yet, my walls of protection are pretty high.

    My favorite post in Michelle's link-up, thanks.

  6. I love this post, Rose. Don't you love it when you sit back thinking you're good and then you see yourself. Happens to me all the time. "Closing yourself off from blessings" -- that's right. It's not easy, but the toes will feel better.

  7. Ah, those times the Holy Spirit dances on our toes . . . good listening.


  8. Oh, yes. I know those walls of self-protection so very well. I definitely have room to grow here, too.

  9. Definitely tap dancing on my toes too. I'm a wall builder. It takes a while because I'm actually first and foremost a glutton for punishment.

    But then. The walls go up.

    Thanks for the conviction.

  10. Oh yes, this is familiar. Especially, "I forgive you, now you can't reach me" - I get that! Love the door photos that go along with this. All very thought provoking.

  11. this reminds me of a post I just read..about being vulnerable. And vulnerability is scary. I think opening myself up to tear down walls is scary but I'm encouraged to keep doing so because there in lies freedom:)

  12. There is nothing more precious than the freedom you receive when you embrace this truth!

    Mrs. M.

  13. Ouch! Now my toes hurt. I never thought of that, but I think I need to check some of the forgiveness I claim to have given. Thank you for sharing this truth.


  14. Count me in with the hurting toes, too. I can say that I have forgiven quite a few people. Those walls are taking years to tear down, though. Thank you for this reminder.

  15. Oh the tap dancing -- He is so good at that, isn't He?!