Monday, April 30, 2012

Morning Musing Over Coffee - Job's Redeemer

credit: Michelle Meiklejohn

I know that my Redeemer lives, and that in the end He will stand on the earth. ~ Job 19:25

Job had just love everything - his health, his wealth, his children, and the love and respect of His wife. Now his friends were telling him why it was his fault that He had lost all these blessings. 

And Job's reply - I know that my Redeemer lives. What a statement of faith! To look around it certainly didn't look much like there was a living redeemer. And if there was one, it was hard to see why Job would call Him "my Redeemer." But Job chooses to have faith in something, Someone, beyond His sight, but no less real and true. 

What an example of true faith. And what a wake up call for me. If I have a bad day of the normal variety - the kids spill their cereal, the dog gets out and we have to chase her all over the neighborhood to get her back, it's raining outside when I want sunshine, I lose my keys (again!) - I'm tempted to feel sorry for myself and ask God why He's letting me have such a hard time. 

And yet, Job, in the middle of loss I cannot (and don't want to try to) imagine, refuses to rail at God, and instead says "I know that my Redeemer lives." Job knows where his redemption lies and how the story ends. Of course, he had no way of knowing then the many ways that God would once again bless him here on earth, but he did know that in the end all the earthly sorrows and trials would be overcome. 

And God rewarded that faith by giving Job back more than he had at first. God delights in rewarding faith and has always proved Himself faithful. 


  1. I am reading Job now in my Bible time. It is an amazing testimony of faith! It is hard to be Job. And many of us have NEVER been in his situation. and Pray that I never do. What a mighty God we serve! Job knew that through it all his God was still on the throne!

  2. I am also reading through Job in my Bible reading. I am almost done. But I found myself annoyed with his friends. I think my initial thoughts of Job are different than they are now. I have found that Job wasn't chosen for this because he was without sin. I find his struggle was pride. I think he thought of himself a little mightier and righteous than he really was. Not to say he wasn't righteous, for God himself said he was, but he thought he was righteous in his own eyes and therefore wasn't humble and willing to learn from it. Perhaps I am wrong. I do still have a few chapters left. But, I agree with you - being able to say My Redeemer lives would be a huge thing to say in the midst of trials such as his.