Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook - Wednesday April 11,2012

For Today

Outside my window . . . cloudy and cold - 43 degrees. There were even a few snow flurries earlier today. 

I am thinking . . . that poor Michael has had a rough day today. It has just been one meltdown after another all day long. As soon as it's over he says he's sorry and I know he's sincere but then it all starts over again. I had him take a rest this afternoon but it didn't seem to help very much. 

I am thankful . . . that by the weekend the temperatures are supposed to be back in the 70's again and in the 80's next week. That's my kind of weather.

In the kitchen . . . I have slow cooker applesauce simmering now. Earlier I also made a modified version of Blueberry Dump Cake.

I am going . . . to church this evening.

I am reading . . . some very good posts on other blogs - When Life Come Late at Triple Braided, The 24/7 Eighteen Year Marathon at Creekside Ministries

I am hoping . . . that I sleep better tonight than I have the last three nights. I can't even blame the lack of sleep on Michael, he's been sleeping good. I've just been restless and don't know why.

Around the house . . . CJ and Holly just got here from school and are eating snack, Holly is with Amanda in her room, Austin is watching a movie and building with Legos, Doug went to take a shower and get ready for church this evening, Michael, Lauren, Khristian, Hunter and Christopher are playing in the playroom. 

A favorite quote for today . . . Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. ~ Anthony J D'Angelo

A peek into my day . . . Khristian and Michael playing with the flannel people set.

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  1. Poor little guy! How frustrating for him. I am sure you are frustrated as well. I know how it is. There are times when my boy, 12, gets so frustrated he's beside himself. These are the times I worry most. Then I leave it to God. I know things will work out for you. Keep up the faith.