Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Planning For Emergencies - Is It Important?

Recently I have begun to think more and more about emergency preparedness. However I've been somewhat hesitant to write about it for several reasons.

 For one, I've always hated the idea of doing something just because everyone else is doing it. Jumping on bandwagons is just not my thing and somehow it felt like I was jumping on an emergency preparedness bandwagon. But the more I've looked, and read, and thought the more I've realized that there really is merit in having provisions in case of an emergency. 

 Another reason is that I really don't want to be seen as an apocalyptic fanatic. While I believe Biblical prophecy, I also believe that we are to carry on with the work given us until Jesus returns. 

The reality is the possibility of emergencies of various kinds does exist. And whether weather and geologically based emergencies are becoming more frequent, or there is simply better reporting, the fact remains that they do happen frequently and those who are prepared doubtless fare better. 

Along with that, if you pay any attention to the news at all, you cannot escape the fact that our economic situation in this country is not the greatest and has the potential to cause (and is causing) great hardship for many. 

For these reasons, I feel it is important for me to not only have adequate supplies in case of emergency, but to also have some basic understanding of ways to care for myself and my family should we find ourselves.

There are some great resources that help with deciding what should be put aside for emergencies based on the number of people be provided for as well as other factors. Here are a few that have I've been looking at and that have me thinking about how to implement them for us.


How to Make a 72 Hour Kit for Emergency Preparedness

And here are some articles on this subject that I've been reading and found interesting. 

Biblical Survival Planning

Is Preparing For An Emergency Showing a Lack of Faith

I would love to know your thoughts on this subject. Do you have an emergency preparedness plan? 


  1. I think it makes a lot of sense to plan ahead for emergencies. We are planning on a cistern when we get moved to VA. Just so we have some water saved up. I plan to can vegetables as well. My husband will be getting a generator to have on hand for a few essential items. I think it makes perfect sense to plan ahead. We read in the Bible how the wise saves for the winter. The winter is a time of harsh climate and one that things may not be readily available. This isn't any different than a time when things are not available due to crisis or bad weather.

  2. Please don't think that only Bible thumping Jesus freaky doomsayers are the only ones who prepare. No matter where you live, natural disasters can strike. Unemployment can happen at anytime. So can serious illness. Your car can break down making it impossible to get to the market or doctor's office and so on.

    Two winters ago, Milwaukee where I live was hit with a huge blizzard that left us homebound for two days (between clearing the roads & the car not starting). I was able to fix three meals a day just from what I had on hand. Imagine if it would have been a week-long snow in...or if I had gotten laid off...or if I was uninsured and couldn't run to the doctor for every illness.

    Prepping gets a bad name because of the wackadoo religious nuts and the apocolyptic doomsayers. But really, it's just good common sense.