Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook - Wednesday March 21,2012

For Today

Outside my window . . . it is dark and 63 degrees. Here are a few pictures from our morning walk. It was just Michael and me today.

I am thinking . . . that life is good.

I am thankful . . . that God is always faithful.

In the kitchen . . . I made a batch of homemade hot pockets today. They are disappearing fast!

I am going . . . I went to church this evening. I went late because a few kids stayed late so I missed dinner and the worship service, but I got there in time to teach my class and for choir practice.

I am wondering . . . if I would like dandelion tea. I think I'm going to try making some tomorrow when we make our dandelion bread.

 I am looking forward to . . . the Passover meal at church tomorrow evening. There will a Messianic Jew there who will  explain the significance of each item as we partake of the meal. Our pastor called us today and asked if Doug and I would be the heads of our table. I'm not sure exactly what is involved but I'm looking forward to the learning experience. I'm hoping to be able to get some photos and share more about it later.

Around the house . . . it is quiet and peaceful.

I am pondering . . . Like a Tree Planted By the Water.

A favorite quote for today . . . God has given you one face, and you make yourself another. ~ William Shakespeare

A peak into my day . . . I took this picture this morning while sitting on the porch watching Michael ride his bike in the driveway.

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  1. That Passover meal event sounds very interesting. Hope you can share how it goes with us. Dandilion tea?...not sure I could muster up the courage to try that one. Yes, GOD is Faithful and True. Hope you have a blessed day!