Thursday, January 19, 2012

thredUP - Kids Clothing Swap

The thredUP community - where moms swap kids clothes and toys. It’s easier than ever to hand-down outgrown children’s items and earn cashback. Use FREE USPS boxes or Concierge bags to de-clutter without leaving the house. Earn up to $10 for each great box you sell and up to $20 for each bag you stuff and return to us. Pick new boxes that start at just $9 and come full of great kids stuff. The average thredUP box has more than 15 items. It’s the best kids clothing deal anywhere
How does it work?
  • Gather all the books your child no longer reads, and list them by the boxful on thredUP.
  • Sign-up for free and thredUP will send you complimentary empty USPS boxes (if you don’t want to wait, go grab them for free at your local post office).
  • When another mom picks your box of books, thredUP lets you know. thredUP generates the shipping label and scheduldes home pick-up, so you can send books without leaving the house.
It’s even easier than Goodwill and you’ll send your family’s once loved books directly to another child who wants them.

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  1. Hey Rose! It's been a while and I am very sorry. I've missed your morning cup of coffee. I stopped visiting because there was some sort of suspicious malware every time I stopped by. But, I decided to try again and it worked. Nice to see you again. I look forward to reading daily...

    Rachel E. From ladybugsabode

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