Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Vistaprint - Valentines Day Mugs

For a limited time, get one FREE customized Mug for Valentine's Day! A great gift on its own of filled with sweet treat for Valentine's Day, a personalized ceramic mug will brighten up anyone's day. Choose a design that fits your mood and add text to make it unique.
The mug is free, just pay shipping and processing.


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  1. HI I am now following you here...You were following my on my other blog rainbowsdailylife
    somebody hacked that account


  2. I'm excited that you found your way to my blog today and am following you back. I read in your previous post a mention of Charlottesville and am curious to know where you are, as I am in the Greater Richmond Area. Maybe we could meet up at some point! Feel free to send me an e-mail: normalgirl@hotmail.com

  3. Nice idea of a unique for valentine's day. People can personalized it with the photo of their loved ones.

    Best Regards

    Personalized gift for Friendship Day