Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pediatric Genetics, Physical Therapy and Skatetown

Yesterday I was, technically, off. No daycare kids scheduled all day long. And this is how I spent my day off.

By 8:30 we (Michael, CJ, and myself) left the house to get to Charlottesville in time for a 9:30 appoitment with pediatric genetics. The result of that visit was that we decided to go ahead with three genetic tests - testing for Prader-Willi Syndrome, and Tuberous Sclerosis. We will also be getting appointments for ultrasounds of his heart and kidneys and a brain MRI. He was born with masses in his heart, behind his ear and on his kidney (two of which we know resolved themselves on their own) and it's time to have a look at these areas again.

Here Michael is, showing off his bandaids after the blood draw. He's not an easy person to draw blood from, his veins seem to play hide and seek, so it took a few tries. 

After the genetics appointment we came home, had some lunch and relaxed for a little and then turned around and went back to the same area for Michael's physical therapy. He loves this and calls the the physical therapist his play doctor.

I was a bit bored and started taking pictures.

CJ kept himself occupied at both appointments with paper and pen. He was trooper and never complained of being bored the whole time.

On the wall right across from me was this cool picture that I sit and look at every time I'm in here. I just love all the giraffes and the colorful tree trunks.

The waiting room is actually a hallway.

We left physical therapy at 5:00 and headed for the event both boys (and Austin and Amanda) had been looking forward to all day - Skatetown. Several times a year our church reserves a two hour time slot at skatetown for anyone who want to go.

The yellow blur in this picture is Amanda skating.

The arcade games seem to be as much fun as the rollerskating.

And of course the food is very important. I think CJ thought this was the best part.

Michael (in the green shirt) didn't skate but he did get on the floor and try to the Cha Cha Slide.

Needless to say, we were all very tired by the time we got home last night

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