Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Warning - This post is full of randomness.

The beginning of January I posted that my one main goal for this year is to consistently get up at 5:30 each morning. The first couple weeks I really struggled but last week and so far this week I've actually gotten up at 5:00. Some mornings, after having coffee with Doug I have gone back to bed for a little if I was up a lot the night before, whether because of late night daycare kids or Michael's restlessness, but . . . I did get up. And it is making a difference in how smoothly the day goes.

Sunday evening CJ made us pizza and salad for dinner. He's really proud that he gets to cook two evenings and week and a takes his job seriously. He did a good job and the food was delicious.

Michael's physical therapist gave him the job of learning to walk up and down the steps alternating one foot per step. To do this she suggested we assign each foot a color and then place those same colors on the steps where he should place his feet. He enjoys practicing this and asks to do it.

Today Michael had an appointment with Audiology for a hearing test. He does have some hearing loss because the eardrum is not vibrating the way it should. However, that may just be from fluid behind the eardrum. We have an appointment set up to see and ENT to decide what we need to do next. Tubes in his ears are one possibility.

It was nice to see the sun today and to have some warmer weather with highs in the upper 50s. The kids played outside for nearly two hours - an hour this morning and an hour this afternoon. The kids needed the outside time after the cold and rainy days we've had recently and so did I.

While we were out this afternoon Doug and I started looking at the cistern that is built next too the garage. We'd like use it to collect water to water the garden this summer. With a little work I think it could be a real asset to our little corner. It's 11 feet deep and 6x7 feet across. It's already set up to collect the water from the roof of the garage. We do need to put in a pump if we're going to use it to water the garden but Doug has a pump we can use. Looks like we have another little project.

And now, I think this is enough rambling for one evening. Time for me to do some reading before I go to bed so I can get up again at 5:00 tomorrow morning.

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  1. goodness me. i am not a morning person..... i could stay up all night till 5am lol... but i could not go to bed and then get up at 5am!! Well done you x