Saturday, January 7, 2012

Morning Musing Over Coffee - Then I Prayed to the God of Heaven

Then I prayed to the God of Heaven . . . Nehemiah 2:4b

I was discouraged this morning, wondering what the day would bring and how I would make it through the day. And beyond today ... I was trying to take on the future now. And then I read this and realized that I am (once again) trying to take life's challenges and solve them on my own.

I know bettter. But it's an ongoing process for me to learn to simply take it Jesus and leave it with Him. I keep picking things back up and walking away with them.

We've been talking a lot about prayer at church and are beginning a study on prayer tomorrow. I'm so glad we are. I need the constant reminders that prayer changes things, that He is always there to listen and respond.

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  1. yes this was my latest post! God is in charge and has a plan for us..and since He is smarter than we are His plan is better!