Monday, April 4, 2011

Meditations From Bubble Island

Bubble Island

See, there's this game on Facebook called Bubble Island that I am seriously addicted too. There's just something about popping all those bubbles that makes me ridiculously giddy. And that little raccoon is happy to keep handing me more bubbles as fast as I can shoot them. Before I'm really even aware of it I can lose a whole hour popping those little bubbles. And even after I'm aware of it I can lose a whole lot more time.

But . . .

I think all this bubble popping may have served a valuable purpose. As I was popping bubbles this evening I noticed a few things. In this game if you waste a bubble by shooting in the wrong direction or not popping any other bubbles with it your next bubble popping turns do not rack up as many points. After I realized that important little point I began playing it safe, trying to always leave myself some bubbles of each color to pop  in case I needed them. And my score began dropping ever further.

Because playing it safe doesn't get me very far. Going for the gold (so to speak) gets me somewhere. Reaching for the stars gets me somewhere. Shooting for the top brings results. Sometimes launching those bubbles further than I can see is the way to go. Strategic thinking along with risk taking gets me somewhere. Playing it safe gets me nowhere exept the land of mediocrity (not to mention a sad little raccoon.)

Real life is like that sometimes. It may seem wise to play it safe but where does it really get me. When an idea just won't leave maybe it's time to follow it and see where it takes me. I read somewhere once that ideas are like little gifts from God. When we open them what we find may not seem so safe. But that's not going to get me where God is trying to take me. It's not going to pop any of my bubbles of fear, worry and doubt. I may have to take that little bubble (idea) he gives me to pop some other bubbles (the aforementioned fear, worry and doubt) that are just hanging around in my way. Oh, I could just give those ideas a half hearted little toss and say I'm playing the game. I'm making the moves. I launched the idea and, see, it didn't amount to a whole lot. And now I still have all these other options around me that were here before to launch another idea at.

Or I could give it everything I have, launch the bubble (idea) high where everyone can see, take a risk and go for the gold. And rejoice in the results. Because God doesn't give little trinkets for gifts. When He gives us an idea, a calling, an opportunity, He's giving us something big. And He's going to stand behind us and guide that idea to it's intended destination. But first we have to be willing to launch. To leave the comfort zone and aim high.

And while the payoff won't be a happy jumping raccoon, it will be something so much better. Something beyond our imagination.

"For I know the plans I have for you" says the Lord "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Lets go pop some bubbles.

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  1. Ah, I can so be the play it safe girl. Great words.


  2. Rose, this is beyond fabulous. I had an idea last night as I was trying to sleep and I pretty much dismissed it because it was too big. Waking up and reading this, seeing "reaching for the stars" really did my heart good. So glad you linked up today!

  3. This is wonderful! Thanks so much for posting and linking up!

  4. Yes, I love that the payoff is something we can't even imagine!

  5. how I agree. His plans for us are so big and we spend our whole life playing it safe...often..I think to conform...ick!
    can't wait to pop some bubbles;)

  6. I absolutely love this. Dreaming God-sized dreams!

  7. Love it! :) Visiting from the WLW linky.


  8. I love it. I love that you could even hear Him in your bubble popping addiction. ;) Good stuff.
    Seeking Him right beside you,

  9. Wonderful analogy. My blog started as a little idea, given by God, to begin a blog with my daughters and granddaughter. It has been one of my biggest joys. I often wonder what other ideas I have allowed to float away without pursuing them.

    Thanking God for you -- and your post,