Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Love My Lilacs


  1. You know - maybe it's because I wrote such a heavy post today - but I feel all smily - and a little snarky - and I'm thinking I've never seen someone just leave a blank comment for "wordless" wednesdays - just sayin (◠‿◠) - sorry to subject you to my mood. It just struck me as funny.

    The lilacs are stunning. I looked at the blow ups - even moreso. Beautiful.

    Thank you for this. I’m smiling. God bless and keep you and all of yours Rose.

  2. Beautiful! Happy WW!

  3. i LOOOVE lilacs. i had a brush in my yard in Michigan growing up and i miss it so. the smell is just magic. unfortunately, i can't grow them here (thailand) :( so enjoy them a bit for me too, please? ;)

  4. Beautiful! I can almost smell them!