Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Garden and Gardening Plans

This year is the first in about eight years that I've had a garden. When I was growing up my family always had a large garden and my sister and I worked in it regularly. At the time I didn't enjoy the garden all that much but that has changed. I'm excited this year to have a garden and I'm also planning to have lots of flowers around the house. We moved into this house in November and there really aren't any flowers planted anywhere so I have a lot of work to do there.

For now, this is what I have.

My garden plot.

You can't tell it in the picture but at the far end of the garden we have beets, carrots and peas planted. They are barely coming up yet, just a few little shoots peaking their heads up here and there. As soon as possible I want to get radishes, lettuce and potatoes planted. After it's warmer I'm planning to plant tomatoes and peppers and Austin wants to plant watermelon. Green beans are also on the list.

Some of my flower plans include four large flower planters around the edge of this porch and hanging baskets of flowers at the top.

That's all for now but hopefully by next week I'll have more to share.

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  1. Looks like a great garden spot. I can't wait to be out in the sunshine working in the garden.