Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Story of Baby Moses

This week during circle time our Bible story is the story of baby Moses.

Each day we've been reading the story and then discussing the questions on this summary page. We also sing the song "In a Little Basket" which is about baby Moses and has fun hand motions to go with it.  I looked for the music for this song to share but I can't find it.

On Tuesdays we do a craft or activity related to the Bible story for the week.

Today we colored these pictures of baby Moses in his basket.

And then made this cute Baby Moses in a Basket craft. The paper we used to represent water I found here.

Austin helped the kids glue their crafts together and did a great job.

The kids were so proud of their babies in a basket!

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  1. Such a great craft!! We need to read the story of Baby Moses more because we are still getting him confused with Baby Jesus... one in a basket, one in a manger..... I guess I can see how it can be confusing:)

    Angie @ http://inmysparetime2.blogspot.com

  2. @Angie - As we were making this craft Austin kept saying things like "okay, now glue baby Jesus in the basket" and I would have to remind him - baby Moses! lol

  3. The Baby Moses couldn't HAVE a better place to sleep! Your kiddos did a great job...(and they're cute, to boot!)

  4. Oh how cute! Another idea to save for very soon, obviously before Moses becomes a shepherd.....