Monday, April 25, 2011

Foam Magnetic Flowers

After two days off for Easter we were back to our daily fun today. This week we are reading the book Spring is Here by Taro Gomi. Our crafts and games this week and for the next few weeks will be focusing on "springy" things.

Today I printed these dot to dot flower pictures for the kids to complete and color.

I also used this picture to create a pattern for foam flowers. I traced and cut out enough for each child to have three flowers and three centers. We had each child choose the colors they wanted and then design their flowers. After they had glued the flower pieces together we put magnetic strips on the back so that they now had flower magnets. It was fun and the kids were so proud of their magnets.

In the next picture T was less than impressed with his dot to dot activity and said he was not going to smile for me for a picture. So his sister said she would smile really big for me instead.


  1. Your flowers are wonderful!! And yes, it is hard to get the kids to "pose" sometimes.. hey ho! Lovely post!

    Thank you for linking up to Kids Get Crafty!


  2. almost anytime I ask my son to smile he gives me a sad or fowny face, he will only smile if I ask him to show me his teeth, kids can be so silly! Thanks so much for linking up!

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