Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Walnut Acre Daily - Spring is Back

I think Spring has decided to come back. And according to the weather forecast it's supposed to stay nice for awhile. Yay!

We were home all day so I tried something a little different for Michael today. I love our days at home but Michael doesn't so much. It just seems like he's at loose ends all day even though he has his schoolwork to do and plenty of other activities available. It's as if he just can't wrap his mind around it being OK to not go anywhere. So I wrote down a list of the things he was going to do today and we went over it together while he was eating breakfast. He insisted he didn't want to do those things! He wanted to go somewhere! But once we got started he seemed much more focused and also seemed to be enjoying what he was doing. And he enjoyed crossing things off the list as he completed them.

The barn next door came all the way down today. Michael sat outside for awhile and watched them demolish it. 

He also helped me hang up laundry this morning . . .

. . . and feed the rabbits.

Austin worked with my dad today and also took care of the animals here and cleaned out the rabbit pen. Amanda changed the water in all the Betta tanks (there are 12 of them now), made lunch and did some cleaning. When Doug came home from work this evening he worked for awhile in the garage. He's still working on a pressure washer for his cousin.

This evening Amanda, Michael and I went for a walk. We were almost home when I turned my ankle on some uneven pavement and fell. Amanda was ahead of us and didn't see me but Michael was so concerned! He "walked" me the rest of the way home, and then checked my phone over (I had dropped it and it went flying) to make sure it wasn't broken. It still hurts some but not as bad asc it did at first. It's swollen a little but not too bad.  

And those are some bits and pieces from our day. 

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  1. What a great idea! That's fun that he enjoyed crossing items off the list.