Monday, April 6, 2015

The Walnut Acre Daily - Pepper's Easter Eggs and More

I think Amanda's dog, Pepper, likes Easter as much as the kids do. Amanda puts a piece of dog food in each one and throws them in the floor in a big colorful explosion. Pepper LOVES it and goes through the eggs opening each one and eating the treat inside it.

Doug and Austin finished the fence for the pig and she is definitely enjoying her new space. She's alsovery quickly  furrowing up all the ground in there. Austin cleaned out the indoor portion of her space today and put in fresh hay.

I finally found some valances for the kitchen that I love!

This is what I spent a good part of my day doing today. But now it's all folded and mostly put away and I'm looking forward to crawling into a bed that smells like fresh air and sunshine. 

Michael wasn't too happy about it but even on pretty day like this a boy has to do his schoolwork.

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