Monday, April 27, 2015

The Walnut Acre Daily - The Great (Attempted) Robin's Egg Rescue and More

This post has a lot of pictures because we've been busy!

Yesterday after church, lunch at my dad's and naps for the little ones, we decided to go to Cyrus McCormick's Farm in Lexington. The kids always enjoy running around on the grounds, checking out the small museum and walking the short nature trail.

This morning Michael and I were at my sister's for our shared learning time. We played games, reviewed flashcards, read books and did worksheets and coloring pages. 

After that I came home for just a few minutes just to check in with Austin and Amanda, then went back to help with the kids while my sister took one her kids to a doctor's appointment. 

When she got back I came home and did some online work. 

All afternoon we were hearing loud crashes coming from the property beside us. They were tearing down this beautiful old barn. It makes me a little sad to see it go. I always enjoyed seeing it from our living room window. 

This evening Madalyn came in from playing outside with a robin's egg she had found outside on the ground. Amanda decided she should climb the tree close to where it was found to try to put it back in the nest. She and Austin both made a valient effort but couldn't get to the nest. It was too high up and far out. I did my part by standing at the bottom of the tree yelling "Don't you fall out of that tree" and taking lots of pictures! 

Doug worked in the garage this evening after work. His current project is fixing a pressure washer. 


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  1. That tree is amazing! It's so big and I love big trees. They have history - a lot of it. Your outdoor excursions looked fun. Where did you go? Or did you say? LOL I guess I should go back and read.

    1. I keep saying I want to build a tree house in that tree. I think it's perfect for a treehouse.

  2. I love how you did your part! "I did my part by standing at the bottom of the tree yelling "Don't you fall out of that tree" and taking lots of pictures!" LOL! I would have done the same :-)