Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Walnut Acre Daily - Spring Is Coming

We're getting more and more days that truly feel like Spring and enjoying more and more time outside.

I woke up this morning feeling like everything here at home was so far behind I needed to simply take a few days and do nothing but catch up. But when I came home from our shared learning time at my sister's . . .

. . . I found Amanda had gotten a lot of the dishes washed and that helped a LOT. After I ate lunch (that Amanda made) I was able to get another drainer full washed before reading time. And after we read I made a big dent in the pile of laundry that was washed by needed to be folded. And suddenly things are looking manageable again.

I did some writing this afternoon and then picked up Madalyn and Mykalin from the bus. This evening we had church. After dinner and classes the children's bell choir practiced with the adults and several youth the song we're singing Sunday morning for Easter. The kids are doing so well with the bells and they sounded like they are ready for Sunday.


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