Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Walnut Acre Daily - Full Day

It's been a full day! 

This morning Michael and I went to my sister's for our shared learning time. 

I came home for lunch and to do some things here at home then went back for to my sister's for several hours so she could do some things she needed to do. 

This evening we went to church. After not being at church for two weeks it was so nice to be back again. We were there for dinner and classes but I didn't stay for choir practice. I'm still coughing so much that I wouldn't get much singing done and I'd be a distraction. Hopefully by next Wednesday it'll be better. Although, when I demonstrated for the kids this evening what I've would sound like if I tried to sing Amanda informed me that's what I always sound like. Thanks Amanda! I definitely know who NOT to go to the for a confidence boost! 


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