Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Walnut Acre Daily - Cleaning the Rabbit Colony and Other Outdoor Fun

The weather today was beautiful and it was my home day so we spent lots of time outside working on some projects and just enjoying Spring. 

These kittens spent the morning chasing each other and tumbling all over the yard. 

Austin cleaned out the rabbit colony this morning and put in fresh hay. 

I picked greenery for them to eat from all over the yard and they loved it. 

Cayson enjoyed petting them while they ate. 

Austin checked several for ear mites and there was no sign of any.

Michael didn't want to come in, he said it smelled bad. There was still a lot of dust floating around from putting in the fresh hay and I wondered if that was bothering him. So he watched from the doorway and peeked in the window.

I'm so excited that the hens have started laying again. They had totally quit for about a month and I had started buying eggs again. So it was so nice to see these.

Michael and Cayson drew with chalk . . .

. . . and dug in the garden.

Amanda really doesn't enjoy working outside she stayed in and washed dishes, did some of her laundry and made lunch.

After lunch and quiet/reading time the kids headed back outside again. 

The fence is so close to bring finished. Doug worked on the gate this evening. I'm hoping it can be in use by Saturday. 

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  1. Great pictures! I love pictures. Sometimes they tell a story better than words. So are you raising rabbits for food?