Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Puff-Puff Chugga-Chugga - Book and Activities

Yesterday I wrote about a mini unit study we did where we learned about the brain. Here is another one we did with the book Puff-Puff Chugga-Chugga by Christopher Wormell. (You can click the image for more details about the book.) This one was a fun book about a train conductor and his uncooperative passengers who insisted on filling his poor little train with almost more than it could carry. 

This train craft fit nicely with this book. While doing this a craft we were given the opportunity to talk about shapes and colors as well as practice eye/hand coordination and fine motor skills. 

Then we did this little train maze

We could have expanded so much more on this book but I kept this one really simple. We have some much bigger unit studies coming up soon now that I've tried some small ones and found we enjoy these. 

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