Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Walnut Acre Daily - Rabbits and Pigs and Kittens, Oh My!

Today has been another nice, warm day. We started our morning outside checking on and feeding the animals. Michael helped me pick lots of grasses and leaves from a variety of plants in the yard to feed the rabbits. They also get rabbit feed but this helps give them a variety and helps cut down on feed costs. 

We took a few minutes to watch the pig eat breakfast. 

While we were walking around the yard I was happy to find three clumps of these mint plants. I've been planning to start a bed of these for tea so this was a very good find. 

Michael and I brought his schoolwork outside today. It was a nice change and he did a great job this morning. 

This afternoon I went to my sister's for a few hours so she could run some errands. After nap time and snack we played outside for awhile until it started raining and then we went up on the porch . . .

. . . and played with cute little kittens.

It's been a quiet evening. I had vegetable soup in the slow cooker and we had that with sandwiches and pineapple slices for dinner. 


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  1. I loooove growing mint and my family loves having it hot and over ice!