Monday, May 23, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Our day started out very quiet, with only two preschoolers until about 10:30. By lunchtime four more children had arrived. Here is some of our fun from today.

After breakfast Michael and Lauren enjoyed painting with Do-Dot-Paints. I had printed some pictures for this from DLTK.

We had fun playing Spring themed dominoes.

We played outside. It was warm and humid today but we had a great time anyway.

There were a multitude of bugs and insects out today. Here are just a few that we saw. I have no idea what they were but the kids had fun watching them.

Austin worked at the picnic table catching up his homeschool log. Beside him is a small part of his collection of interesting items gathered from outside. Michael was making it his job to try to annoy Austin and Austin was trying to ignore him.

Tre brought a game from home that he played at one table.

When Austin was finished with his journal he played with Kaleb. These two have been best buddies since Kaleb first started coming at three months old. He is 15 months old now so they have had a year of fun together.

I love this picture of Macy. This is so typical of her, she's a little mommy through and through.

Tre and Lauren checked on the turtles. They are doing well in their little home.

These are just a few of the random, fun things we did today.

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