Monday, May 2, 2011

Miscellany Monday

1. I miss my kids.
My two oldest are gone this week with grandparents on vacation. I miss them greatly and they won't be back until Sunday. But I know they are having a great time and I'm glad they are having this chance to spend time with family.

2. Michael (my four year old) misses them even more than I do.
He's shed quite a few tears since they left yesterday afternoon and I'm sure there are many more coming. We've spent a lot of time singing songs (one of his favorite things to do) and one time even broke out a couple leftover chocolate Easter bunnies to make ourselves feel better.

It worked!

3. Buck will miss them too.
Our neighbor's dog comes over to visit nearly every day and I know he will miss them being here. Amanda always feeds him a few treats when he's here and plays with him.

4. Now for the good news.
My vacation is coming up next week and I can hardly wait. I'm planning to work in the garden, plant flowers, rearrange the playroom and be crafty. We will probably take a few day trips as well although we haven't really planned any yet. I'm just looking forward to the change in routine.

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  1. Chocolate bunnies are wonderful for soothing what hurts!

  2. I cant wait fro my vacation either!!! Have fun on yours!

  3. Hi doll, sorry to hear about missing your kids, but it sounds like you have a great vacation to look forward to! Have a wonderful Monday!