Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Counting Dogs

Continuing with our this weeks dog theme that we started yesterday, we made dog counting books today. I printed the numbers 0 - 6 and cut them out. Then I printed five dogs for each child. After cutting out the dogs I wrote a number on the back of each one, 1 - 5 for each child. We've been talking about how 0 means there aren't any so I didn't provide a dog for 0. To make the books the children glued the numbers 0 - 5 on individual pages and then found the dog with the same number written on it's back and glued it to the matching page. We also did the dog number dot to dot.

This activity is very similar to the Vegetable Counting Books that we made a couple weeks ago.
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  1. Dogs really are on the agenda your end! And what a lovely way to count and colour!! We love dogs too...

    Thanks again for visiting Red Ted Art!


  2. Yes, dogs will be our theme all week other than the one day we focus on our Bible story of the week. Next week we will be learning about birds and birds nests.

  3. I'm so far behind on posting! We are on the letter Q! WoW! I need to catch up!
    I love the books! :)