Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just For Fun - Pink Cookies

Click here for recipe - Gelatin Spritz Cookies

I baked these yummy little treats today and they were gone by this evening. Usually when I bake I try to make at least bake something with fruit or something else healthy in it. This time I decided to just make something fun. I used strawberry flavored gelatin in these but you can use any flavor you want.

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  1. Hey, Rose! Thanks for stopping by Taylor Made Home. I'm glad you liked the snack station idea.

    You have a lovely blog. Those cookies look yummy... plus, LOVE that they're pink! :)

  2. These are fantastic!!! I must try this!

  3. The pink cookies are just too cute! My daughter would flip for these. Thanks!

    I found you through a fairly new networking site. The blogs are really great, as are the women. Your blog would fit in great, if you have time check it out! I hope to see you there!

  4. Thanks for following me from the hop! Love the pink cookies! :)