Thursday, May 24, 2012

Superpoints Review and Invitation

When I use online sites to earn a little extra cash I favor the simple ones that allow me easily earn during my down time. Superpoints is one of those sites. Superpoints is a legitimate site where you can earn points for simple tasks that can be exchanged for rewards like electronics, toys and games and Amazon gift cards or cash through paypal. My favorite reward is the cash through paypal and I recently received a $25 payout. My main methods of earning these points is through the daily emails that are sent and that I earn anywhere from 1 - 25 points on for simply opening and through the SuperLucky button that allows me to earn points for simply clicking. You can also earn points for completing surveys and watching videos. I've done a little of that but not much.

This is not an extremely fast earner although I would definitely earn faster if I had others sign up under me. I haven't pursued that option very hard though and am still happy with my rate of earning. When I consider that I earned this while sitting with the kids while they fell asleep or other down time I feel really good it makes me happy to know that I am making the most of my time and earning a little extra for our family. 

Superpoints does require a referral to sign up so I've included my referral link here. The link will take you to a very simple sign up form and then you will be on your way to earning too. 

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