Saturday, June 9, 2012

Backyard Camping Photos

Last night was our first night backyard camping and I think it was a success. 

I had originally thought it would be just us - four kids and two adults but it ended up being eight kids for the night plus two more for the evening. 

Karen brought her tent and we set up our tent so we had two four person tents. 

Doug and Karen set up the tents.

I had a couple activities in mind for the evening but everyone was so happy simply eating, playing and setting up sleeping places in the tents we never got around to those activities. Since we're planning to this a number of times this summer I'll just have those activities available to do another time if we want to.

We had hotdogs, hamburgers, watermelon and Cheetos. Karen brought macaroni salad, drinks (bottled water, juice pouches and coke) and the supplies for the S'mores. 

Soon after this last picture it got too dark for me to use the phone camera anymore. The kids played awhile and then we got everyone settled for the night. Doug, CJ, Michael and Cayson slept in one tent and I slept in the other with Amanda, Mykalin and Madeline. Austin and Aaron decided they wanted to sleep out under the stars. We went to bed about around 10 and by 10:30 everyone was quiet and almost everyone was asleep. I loved falling asleep listening to the night sounds. I did not love waking up to hear the neighbors partying at 12:30 and continuing to here them off and on until 2:30. But it didn't seem to bother anyone else. 

I have to admit that about 4:00 this morning I was sore and stiff and went inside to finish the night on the couch. I found that Austin had already found his way in before me and was asleep on one of the couches. At some point I heard Aaron come in and go upstairs and then around 6:30 Amanda came in and went to her room. Most of the others woke up around 8:00 this morning.

Our next two weekends are busy either setting up for or finishing up Bible school so the next backyard campout that we're planning will be in about three weeks. I'm already looking forward to it and so are the kids. Hopefully Karen can join us next time instead of just providing an extra tent and food and drinks.

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  1. Your campout looks amazing. I think we may have to try that after our tent arrives from Europe. Great fun can be had in the out doors. I am enjoying all the birds and butterflies at our new place. It is amazing to watch God's handiwork.