Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Walnut Acre Daily - Bible School, Day Camp, and the Sneaky Bread Taster

Walking With the King
"Because he loves me," says the Lord, "I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name." 
~ Psalm 91:15

Today's Quote
Music is what feelings sound like. ~ Author Unknown

In the Garden
CJ has been busy today watering his corn and checking to see if any has come up yet.

Outdoor Fun
CJ spent a good part of the morning doing a project with wood . . .

 and finally finished what he said was a loom to weave things out of yarn on.

We Are Learning
We used the same farm themed book and song as we did yesterday at circle time and then watched this video.

We also then did a farm themed beginning sound worksheet . . .
Since Michael is at camp today CJ was the only one doing schoolwork with me this afternoon. We played Sight Word memory, did a sight word worksheet and a math worksheet . . .

. . . and watched these two videos.

We Are Reading
Two of the books the kids and I enjoyed reading today are
Fox in Socks

The Little Engine That Could

In the Kitchen
I made bread today and one of the loaves turned out really big. 

I guess someone thought there was too much bread here because later, after I thought it should be cool I came to check on it and found it looking like this.
When I first saw this I was wondering aloud what happened to the bread and if it had a large bubble in it while it was baking. As I was talking I realized a child was making a sudden exit from the room. So I called the child back and inspected the bread closer and realized someone had been eating it. The child admitted to eating it while I wasn't looking and for some reason the whole thing struck me so funny I could hardly wait for the child to leave the room so I could laugh. Amanda asked me how on earth that was funny and I had no answer for her other than keeping a sense of humor is the only way to stay sane.. I guess my bread must not be to bad if they can't wait to eat it.

Out and About
I took Michael to the church at 7:15 this morning to meet the other kids getting a ride to camp. There were six other five and six year olds headed up to camp for the day. Michael has been looking forward to this for so long and was so excited. He's going two days this week and then two days in July. He came home today happy and looking forward to going again on Thursday.

This evening we were back at Bible School again. It was once again a good evening and we had so much fun with our class. This is a really cool group of kids and teachers. Doug and I have both been so busy we've barely had time to talk about his class (5th and 6th grade) and how it's going other than him telling me it's going well and they had 15 kids and five teachers this evening. The class of 1st and 2nd graders I'm in had eight kids and six teachers.

Other Notes and News
On tomorrow's agenda is playtime and lunch in the park, baking six dozen cookies for Bible School, and then back to Bible School in the evening. 

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