Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Great American Backyard Campout and 10 Helpful Backyard Camping Articles

Saturday, June 23, is the date of the Great American Backyard Campout. While my family is planning to do a lot of backyard camping this summer (and have already camped out in the backyard one Friday night) we won't be able to this weekend. This week is the week our church is doing Bible School and with Doug and both teaching and three out of four of the kids attending, it just seemed like a little too much to try to camp out as well. But in honor of the special weekend I thought I would provide a list of articles full of good ideas for making your backyard campout experience a success. And here are our Backyard Camping Photos as well, just so you can see how much fun it can be. 

1. Creative Backyard Camping

2. How to Camp in Your Own Backyard

3. 7 Ideas to Go Camping In Your Own Backyard

4. How to Camp in Your Backyard

5. Backyard Camping Ideas

6. Go Camping With Your Kids This Summer: Even in Your Own Backyard

7. Backyard Camping Ideas For Kids

8. 14 Ideas for Camping Out In Your Backyard

9. Backyard Camping

10. Backyard Campout

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