Monday, July 23, 2012

Paper Plate Dinosaur Crafts

As part of our dinosaur unit the last few weeks we made some paper plate dinosaurs. I found the patterns for these dinosaurs at Making Learning Fun.

Amanda cut out the pieces for us.

We started out making the Pteronadon. I stapled the pieces together and provided the kids with construction paper, craft foam, glue and crayons to decorate them as they wanted to.

Then we made the Brachiosaurus. Once again Amanda cut the pieces out for us.

I provided the craft supplies and let them use their imaginations and come up with creative versions of the Brachiosaurus. 

Our last paper plate dinosaur was the Ankylosaurus.

These paper plate dinos have been a really big hit with the kids. I've seen them acting out adventures with their dinosaurs later in the day and proudly showing their parents when they went home.

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