Monday, June 27, 2011

VBS Fun Day

Yesterday was the wrap up of the week of Vacation Bible School our church just had. Doug, Austin and Michael were there every evening and it was fun to the highlights of what they had been up to all week.

After the main service where we were treated to glimpses of the week's fun and learning we had a meal and lots of games and fun activities for the kids. The church provided the hotdogs for the meal and then everyone brought drinks, salads and desserts. There was lots and lots of good food.

I got some pictures of the fun.

Austin and Aaron have their "oh no she's taking pictures again" faces on.

The bounce house.

Water slide

The dunk tank was a huge hit among the older kids.

I told Aaron if he got in I was definitely going to dunk him. He did and so did I.

Even Amanda, who tends to be more of a watcher at events like this, got in the dunk tank. I wanted to dunk her to but didn't get a chance.

A big thank you to all those who made VBS week such a good one.


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