Saturday, June 4, 2011

Playdough, Do A Dot Paint and More

I've posted here, here and here about how much we've had this week in the garden. And I've posted about our fun learning about trees. But we've also had fun with other activities this week as well.

Here are some of them.

Several weeks ago I bought nine of these colorful tote bags and began filling them with quiet time activities.

Wednesday morning I brought them out and explained that these were full of things that were only for quiet times. Each bag has an animal playset, coloring pages, crayons, stickers and a notebook. I will change the activities in the bags from time to time to keep it interesting. They really enjoyed them and were busy with them for about 30 minutes.

Do-a-dot paints are still a favorite. This week's painting papers are the letters Aa - Ee from DLTK's Dot Art section.

Playdough fun

Playing with Roni

Going for rides

Going places in the "car"

Playing "steal the hat"

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  1. Playing "Steal the Hat"- that is just ADORABLE!!!!

  2. I like the quite time bags. Nice idea to keep some special treats just for rest times. Lovely to see you at the Play Academy again.