Friday, June 10, 2011

Morning Musing Over Coffee - In Which I Try to Remember Why We Bought A Dog!

As I sit here this morning with my leg propped up, drinking my coffee and waiting for the ibuprofen to kick in, I'm trying to remember why we bought a dog!

I know we didn't buy her so that she could yank me off my feet in a mad dash to chase a cat, causing me to twist me knee and bruise my ego.

I know we didn't buy her so she could dig holes all over the yard, uncovering the septic tank and a nest full of red ants in the process.

I know we didn't buy her so she could chew up Amanda's favorite boots, Michael's new sandals and attempt to chew various other shoes that we rescued before they were mortally wounded.

I know we didn't buy her so we could scoop endless piles of poop.

I know we didn't buy her so we could walk her four times a day in 100 degree temperatures.

She's lucky we really love her. And, honestly, we're lucky she really loves us.


  1. Oh you love her! Hehe!
    Our big dog just passed away! He would beat me with wagging his tail, he chewed the window seal and coffee table! He always pruned my bushes in the yard & my crepe myrtle tree! Once he knocked me out of the computer chair. Weird, but it happened!

  2. I'm trying to remember why we got a dog too... Why do they try to dig up septic tanks??? ha. Our golden retriever does that same thing. Sigh. But I do love her. I guess that's what counts.

  3. We have a big dog too. There are days when I wonder why in the world we have her. Then I see how AWESOME she is with our kids and I suddenly remember.
    I wanted to tell you I was getting a ton of traffic to my blog from your blog. I was trying to find where you featured me, but I can't seem to find it. Anyway, I wanted to say thanks!