Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Morning Musing Over Coffee - Thoughts on Humility

Over at Ann Voskamp's blog A Holy Experience the topic today and for the next three Wednesdays is The Practice of Humility.

I wasn't too sure I had anything to say on this topic. I've been thinking about humility all week and still nothing that I wanted to write about. Humility tends to have some very negative connotations for me, along the lines of allowing others to run roughshod over me as I passively accept it.

Until late last night.

Some nights my four year old has a very hard time sleeping. He tosses and turns and cries out. He checks to make sure I'm there with him but then cannot seem to allow himself to be comforted.  Last night started out as one of those nights. Then, just as I was deciding it was going to be a very long night he did something a little different. He reached out and grabbed my hand and held onto it. And fell peacefully asleep.

And then it hit me.

What a sweet example of humility. Simply saying "I need you. Will you hold my hand awhile?"

We all want to be needed. And it we're honest (and not too proud) we all know there are times when we need someone else to simply hold our hand awhile. We're all in this life together. And when we offer a hand and are willing to reach for and accept a hand to hold onto, we are practicing humility in all it's beauty.

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  1. I often need my husband to hold my hand. And vice versa. It is such a gift from the Lord. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on humility after all; yes, you did have something to say.

  2. How very sweet, I too have a (not so) little one who at 6, if sister is gone for the night (they share a room) will 'insist' that she cannot sleep alone. So we have just 'let' her come to sleep on our little sofa in the sitting area of our room. She is our baby and I think I let it perpetuate because she is 'my baby' and I want her to feel safe and secure. thanks so much for sharing. Have a blessed and grace filled day.