Monday, March 16, 2015

The Walnut Acre Daily - Building a Pallet Fence, Dr. Appointment and More

It's Monday again! This Monday started out with a doctor appointment for Michael. Today was his six month visit to the pediatrician. Because of his health history his pediatrician likes to see him every six months instead of once a year. Today's visit went very well, no concerns, he's very healthy, come back in six months. 

We  had to stop by the grocery store for lettuce for taco salad this evening and then we were home just in time for lunch. Amanda had fixed us chicken nuggets, green beans and fruit. 

After lunch Michael and I went outside for awhile. He played and I hung out a couple loads of laundry. I love hanging out laundry on warm sunny days like today. 

After reading with Austin and Amanda I spent a couple hours working online. 

Then it was time to pick up Madalyn and Mykalin at the bus stop and then head home to make dinner, do homework and get some housework done. 

After work today Doug took the van to the shop to get new tires put on the front. 

Austin, Mykalin, Michael and Madalyn hauled hay for the animals for about an hour this evening. Michael and Mykalin took turns driving and Madalyn rode in the cart. Austin is trying to get all the hay out of the hay barn on the property behind us before the new owner starts converting it into a garage. The owner gave us permission to take the hay as he had no use for it. 

Doug started working on building pallet fences this evening. The plan is to split the fenced in area between a pig and a goat or two. Austin also helped and some of the other kids supervised (and asked lots of questions).

The kids are enjoying digging in the garden while I don't have anything planted. 

And after all that fun I finally told them they had to come in and get homework/schoolwork done. Then it was time to read some stories, eat a snack and watch a video. 

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  1. My kids love digging in the garden too. What a lovely and productive update.

    Thanks for sharing and for linking up with the #SHINEbloghop.

    Wishing you a lovely week.