Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Beyond the Event Horizon by Scott McElhaney: A Book Review

Beyond the Event Horizon is one of those books that I was truly sorry to see come to an end. It is so rare to find a well written, science fiction book with the story told from a Christian perspective. I read this book with my two teenagers and it was well worth our time. 

There are several storylines running through this book but in the end they were tied together very well. Within this book there is time travel, long (14 year) journeys through deep space, a ship piloted by children and teenagers, and a glimpse of the world deserted after Jesus return. There is an endearing and very believable bored and lonely computer program left on this deserted world who proves himself invaluable to the scared and lonely time traveler. And there are colonies built on another planet, true pioneers working to build a new life! 

The book caught and held our attention from beginning to end and we are looking forward to reading more books by this author.

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