Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Walnut Acre Daily - Bell Choir and More

What a busy, normal, fun day. It's very interesting to me to see how the days string together to make weeks, then months, then years. And the things that seemed so important yesterday, fade into today's important things that will be forgotten in the midst of tomorrow's equally important things. So I continue daily to note the events that continue to unfold day after day, writing life's story.

This morning Michael and I were at my sister's for learning and fun with the kids there. 

I came home for lunch and reading time with Austin and Amanda and then went back to my sister's for several hours so she could run some errands. Hope shared some of the craft supplies she got for her birthday with Michael and they had fun being creative. 

We were at church this evening. I got a couple photos of the kids in bell choir practice. They are going to be performing with the adult choir and some of the youth Easter morning. They all did really well. 

Michael has been complaining occasionally the last couple of days saying he doesn't feel good. But then he would go on and play and he was eating good. But this evening while he was in class he started running a fever. Doug gave him Ibuprofen before he went to bed tonight and he's asleep now. We've had two children here in the last week get sick with strep throat. I guess we'll see how he feels tomorrow and decide whether a trip to the doctor is called for. 



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