Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dominion by Scott McElhaney -A Book Review

Since we've been on a science fiction kick here recently I now have another SciFi book to review. This is another book by Scott McElhaney and once again he did not disappoint. 

In this book Hawk Meriweather has invented a machine that folds space, radically changing space travel. However his first flight with this new machine does not go as planned. In an effort to survive until rescued he places himself in a cryogenic sleep. The world he awakens to is far away both in space and time he finds it hard to believe his new reality. But he is not given much time to ponder this before he is launched into an effort to save a small group of his kind from utter annihilation. 

This book left me wanting more and I hope there will be a sequel. 

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